Saturday, August 23, 2008

Barack Biden Boys Ball Club

Presumed Democratic Party nominee Barack Obama decided that women did not need to be represented on the party ticket, instead choosing notorious plagierizer, bank corporation errand boy, and militarist Joe Biden, currently Senator from Delaware, as his running mate.

There had been speculation that if Senator Obama did not choose Hilary Clinton for the ticket, he would at least choose a woman. But Barack Obama is all about getting elected, and he figures with no women on either of the two major party tickets, women will tend to vote Democratic as they have in the past. Pleasing the financial establishment is more important that pleasing women, so the man who brought us the new bankruptcy law (basically making getting out of consumer debt through bankruptcy proceedings impossible, though corporations can still easily shed their debt), Joe Biden, got the spot.

But what else would you expect of Barack Obama, a man who knows the Democratic Party was founded by a slave trader (President Andrew Jackson), who stewed his ambition in the corrupt Chicago school of Democratic Party politics, and whose campaign has been marked by vague promises targetting the nation's most naive Democratic primary voters?

Joe Biden's bid for the Vice-Presidency brings up deeper issues of Democracy in the United States. He is a Senator from Delaware. The population of Delaware is about 865,000, ranked 45th of the states. Yet Deleware gets 2 Senators, the same as California with a population of about 36.5 million. Buying a Senator in California is expensive (both Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer are already fabulously wealthy), but apparently buying Joe Biden was mere pocket change for MBNA, a bank known mainly for its credit card business, which was absorbed into Bank of America a few years back.

Of course Joe Biden is not an entirely bad man. Within the mainstream spectrum he has often been on the side of things I like, especially where social issues (abortion, women's rights, civil rights) don't interfere with economic issues (like MBNA's ability to charge what it liked for credit card interest and fees, then change the bankruptcy laws to trap its customers in perpetual debt slavery).

Expect leading Democratic Party women to stand behind their men; that is how they get their own bread buttered.

Want to show that you are not trapped in the two party system? The Green Party has an all woman ticket, former member of the House of Representatives from Georgia, Cynthia McKinney, and civil rights activist Rosa Clemente.

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