Friday, July 18, 2014

Facebook Ate My Bandwidth

Sorry, Facebook friends, I will no longer be looking at Facebook.

Facebook Ate My Bandwidth.

I get Internet through a satellite dish. I get a daily bandwidth allowance that is good for ordinary purposes. Occasionally a big software update will blow through it.

But lately (about a week now) Facebook has been downloading video endlessly when opened. If either my wife or I open Facebook, it goes through about 25% of the day's bandwidth in 10 minutes. It does not ask permission. It just eats.

I need my bandwidth for other things. We do get unlimited bandwidth from 11 PM to 4 AM, but those are my sleeping hours, and I need my sleep.

Its the techno 1% at work again. They have unlimited, incredibly fast bandwidth. They don't live in a rural area. They don't think. They code.

However, I think I can post to Facebook by writing in place like this and hitting a share button. If anyone needs to send me a message, send me an email.

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