Sunday, May 19, 2013

Persecuting the Cannabis Community is a Crime Against Humanity

Rather than reposting here, I'll just give you the link:

Persecution of Cannabis Community is a Crime Against Humanity Which is at Mendoday, my Mendocino County web site.

Of course crimes against humanity come in shades of gray, ugly shades of gray. In Roman Catholic, Francoist Spain (1936-1975) they shot people with no or minimalist trials just for not being a good Catholic supporter of the General. It is not that bad for marijuana users in the U.S., though millions have been put in prisons with serious detrimental effects on their lives. It means they are on record as being criminals, which makes it hard to find employment, and as felons they may lose the right to vote. The black market also means the stakes are high enough in the trade to result in deaths inflicted by fighting over profits.

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