Saturday, July 2, 2011

Looking Forward on the Fourth

I have not posted much to my blogs lately. Yesterday, though, I turned in an index for a technology book. Now I am looking forward to enjoying the Fourth of July in Point Arena, while fitting in the usual accumulated errands like taking out the trash, watering the garden, and cleaning up a bit.

You can look forward to my writing more this next few weeks. I have a bunch of ideas for this blog. I'll be commenting on Norman Solomon's run for congress at Mike Thompson Watch. I have some overdue things to say about machine understand. If you care about the economy, I'll have a bunch of new material over the next few weeks at Dissecting the Bull. Of course I also plan to keep adding chapters to my Internet Biography of Andrew Jackson, which is about half complete at this point.

But today there is the Fourth of July Parade in Point Arena. I am looking forward to the Golden Retriever Peace Walk and other favorite groups. No Poodles for Peace this year, but Hugo (actually, a Mexican Water Dog) and other poodles will be joining the celebration. Have a great long weekend.

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