Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Helen Thomas

Just to say that Helen Thomas should not have been fired from the White House Press Corps for saying that a solution to the illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel is to send back Israelis to their nations of origin. Outrageously anti-Palestinian remarks are made by U.S. politicians and public opinionators all the time; they enhance careers. Helen's remark was quite reasonable.

Large numbers of Jews lived in Palestine before the terrorists began fighting to create the State of Israel. I consider them natives of Palestine along with the various other religious and ethnic sub-groups that were there before 1945. The best solution would be a peace plan that would accomodate all. But as long as the Israelis act like Nazis, I have to support the natives against the terrorist invaders.

I wrote to the White House demanding that Helen Thomas be kept in the Press Corps. Regardless of whether she has a big-time employer. You can do this (or for that matter, diagree with me and demand that she be shot like a Palestinian child who has thrown a pebble at an Isreali tank) quickly and easily at the White House contact page. Tell Barack Obama what you think.

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