Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lyndon Johnson II: Barack Obama Escalates War in Afghanistan

Were you hoping Barack Obama was just feinting to the right in the presidential election, and was secretly a man of peace?

You can stay in denial of reality by not reading the February 17, 2009 "Statement of the President on Afghanistan."

There seems to be a fundamental problem with the people of Afghanistan. They don't want their country run by the United States. Just like the nation of Vietnam, which had an independence movement that predated the American Revolution.

So the President is sending in more U.S. troops. They aren't carrying Care packages. They are going to be armed to the teeth. They are going to kill anyone they can who disagrees with the idea that Barack Obama should rule the world.

I was going to compare President Barack Obama to President Nixon, because Nixon inherited the Vietnam War from President Lyndon Johnson. Who inherited in from President John Kennedy. Some people claim Kennedy inherited the war from President Dwight Eisenhower, but that is a misrepresentation. Eisenhower kept a handful of American military advisors in South Vietnam who had been sent there by Harry Truman after World War II.

The French occupied Indochina and kept it as a colony. That kind of colonialism, white colonialism, was fine with the U.S. When the Japanese liberated Vietnam from the French, it really p.o.'d President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He built up a giant invasion fleet in Hawaii to kick the Japanese out of Vietnam and China. When the Japanese surrendered, Vietnam was not granted independence. It was handed back to France.

Lyndon Johnson works best compared to Barack Obama because he was a New Deal Democrat who ran a peace campaign against his Republican rival, Barry Goldwater, in 1964. Under Johnson, the U.S. military support for maintaining the colonial economy turned into a full scale war that massacred well over a million Vietnamese.

In the end, it was Richard Nixon who made peace with Vietnam and China. He talked tough, but he pulled out the U.S. troops (after initially trying to napalm the region into submission).

Who knows, though, maybe the U.S. can win in Afghanistan. Maybe Islam can be extinquished and lamb kababs replaced with big macs.

Can we use either of two political parties to commit crimes against humanity and war crimes?

Yes We Can!

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  1. I think that President Obama isn't going to succeed in this matter, and will create such a backlash that he will end up becoming the democrats G.W.