Thursday, April 17, 2008

Not Quite Random Thoughts

I've been busy for several weeks creating an index for a 1300 page book on a very tight schedule. During this time there have been a lot of things I have wanted to write about. The sad state of politics in the U.S., of course. The Pope's visit to the U.S. The rebellion of the monks in Tibet. Developments in the economic and business world. Essays inspired by some books that I managed to read parts of during this trying period. And my philosophy of natural liberation, in particular the idea of natural revelation.

Here's a list of books I have finished reading, sitting in a stack, waiting for reviews and commentary:

The Cosmic Code by Heinze R. Pagels
The Outline of History by H. G. Wells
The Fifties by David Halberstam
Chiang Kai-Shek by Hollington K. Tong
Memoirs by Harry Truman
Vietnam by Stanley Karnow

And I'm part way through reading:

On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins
A History of Egypt by James Henry Breasted
The Great Wave by Christopher Benfey

But it is easier to find energy to read than to write. I have barely kept up with my gardening, which I want to write about both in and of itself and because it inspires thoughts on natural revelation. I am behind in my regular paid work (the book index was extra work). I am writing this on my old, backup computer because the new one needs repairs.

Oh, yes, the global famine is gathering steam, something I have been warning people about with my population articles at

Still, in the next few weeks I hope to produce some interesting writing for the readers of this blog, my Dissecting the Bull blog, and my assorted Web sites. Yikes! What has Congressman Mike Thompson been doing? Not even I know, because I have not had time to post to Mike Thompson Watch, and it takes some research to find out.

William P. Meyers

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